Product code: CG6301Size: Adult size( 56-58cm)Material: PolyesterUnisex, 6 panels  
Product code: CG6302Size: Adult size( 56-58cm)Material: Cotton TwillUnisex  
Product code: CG6303Size: Adult size( 56-58cm)Material: Polyester Unisex  
Product code: CG6307Size: Material: Polyester  
Product code: CG6306Size: Adult size (30*30*10CM)Material: Polyester & FoamUnisex  
Product code: CG6304Size: Adult size( 56-58cm)Material: Polyester & MeshUnisex  
Product code: CG6305Size: Adult size( 56-58cm)Material: Cotton TwillUnisex  
MOQ is as low as 500 pcs to have your custom made...
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